When summertime rolls around, excitement fills the air. Kids are out of school, beaches and public pools open for swimming, and fun is just around every corner. Whether you are just starting out on the road to recovery or are a seasoned veteran, this list of summer activities is sure to give you the most out of the season!

Author’s Note: This list may vary by person, for some individuals may have triggers associated with certain activities. Thankfully, we can use our abilities to adapt and improvise under any circumstances. For example, if you like to camp, but being alone in the woods is a trigger for your substance abuse disorder, try pitching a tent in your backyard instead!

  1. Have a summer BBQ with loved ones in a familiar place. If you don’t have the space nor supplies at home, turn to your local parks for a free grill and lots of open space!
  2. Join an adult sports league. With minimal fees and the opportunity to make new friends, summer sports leagues are casual ways to keep in shape, socialize, and have fun all in one.
  3. Go for a hike! Travel to your local state park, beach, or even the woods behind your home. Finding a tranquil area and reconnecting with nature is a great way to find inner peace, stay fit, and enjoy the ecological wonders all around you.
  4. Explore a creative outlet. This could mean working with a camera, painting, drawing, dancing, acting and more. Even if you feel that you aren’t “good” at this outlet, pursue it wholeheartedly if it brings you joy. Remind yourself that you are entertaining this hobby for yourself and no one else. Not only are you able to connect with your creativity and express yourself, but you can create unique art to look back on and cherish.
  5. Plant a garden. Being surrounded by nature is rewarding in and of itself. Being able to work hard at something and literally reap the fruits of your labor is more than just rewarding. It is a great way to implement a more healthy lifestyle without having to change up too much of your routine.  Not only is it a great way to exercise, but you can grow decorative flowers, healthy food for new recipes, and so much more.

These are just a few suggestions for those in search of fun, cost-effective summer activities. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and be good to yourself, physically and mentally. Find something you enjoy doing and be militant in making time to do it. Find a hobby wherein you can express yourself, a hobby wherein you can stay in shape, and a hobby wherein you can socialize with the right group of people. Remember that recovery rocks! Doing things you enjoy with a healthy network supporting you is a sure way to keep you on the right track along the road to recovery.