Love the addict, hate the addiction”

While many treatment plans offer an assessment of an individual with regard to the negative effects that substance abuse creates in their overall health, some other factors are too frequently overlooked. Aside from the physiological, physical, and behavioral changes, there is a relational impact that people suffering from substance abuse experience.

The hard truth is that substance abuse, especially when left untreated, damages every familial, social, and professional relationship a person experiences. This factor cannot be overlooked because a lack of social support structures is a major reason for relapse among recovering individuals. People working toward recovery are too often left without a frame of reference for healthy relationships and have trouble distinguishing between a healthy relationship and a potentially harmful one.

If one or more persons in a relationship are dealing with a substance abuse issue, there are inevitably going to be changes for the worse. The unhealthy habits that are acquired during a period of substance abuse cause harm to oneself and others. Usually, both parties maintain some sort of defense mechanism that allows them to continue in the damaged relationship. They may be stuck in denial, fear, resentment, indifference, or some other emotion that prevents open conflict resolution to take place.

These and other unhealthy relationship habits allow only limited communication and no real chance for joy or growth. Unfortunately, neither party may want to give up even this broken thing that exists between them. With an integrated treatment plan, it is possible to tackle both the initial subject matter of a substance abuse problem, along with the secondary but related issue of troubled relationships.

An effective treatment program can provide an individual with all the tools necessary to enable them to seek and maintain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships. These tools are useful for deciding whether to keep existing relationships or to pursue new ones with specific individuals.

If you are experiencing the painful effects of a damaged relationship due to the substance abuse challenges of yourself or a loved one, please know that St. John’s Recovery Place can help. Call today and begin the restoration process that comes along with recovery.