Addiction and substance use disorders plague the lives of millions of American citizens every year. Like other countries worldwide, substance abuse and addiction are a cause for a public health concern, as cases continue to rise to epidemic levels globally. Fortunately, drug and alcohol use problems amongst citizens are widely recognized as destructive diseases in today’s society. As a result, rehabilitation centers, health care networks, medical personnel, and insurance companies are working together to help their communities kick these diseases to the curb.

Of course, no two addictive episodes will resemble one another precisely as each person and case of illness are not the same. Thus, one form of addiction treatment approach may not work as effectively for one patient as for another. Luckily, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and other regions across the country, different types of substance abuse rehab centers exist to meet the needs of varying individuals. The Sunshine State is excellently equipped to provide quality treatment options for men, women, children, and members of the LGBTQ+ community to create their ideal rehabilitative setting in a beautiful, tropical climate.

Different Types of Addiction Rehab Centers: Luxury Treatment Facilities

Beginning the addiction treatment journey can be challenging, especially if an individual is unsure where to start. But, the process does not have to be as overwhelming and anxiety-inducing as some may believe it inherently is. The first step to beginning treatment is to make an appointment with a primary care physician, if possible, to gain an official diagnosis and basic understanding of the condition(s) at hand. Once the doctor’s visit is over, individuals looking to begin substance abuse treatment can start the process of finding the right rehab for them.

Enrolling in alcohol or drug addiction rehab can prove a frightening process for some. Many clients are not sure what to expect from the treatment or what a rehab center may require. The good news is, there is a drug and alcohol rehab center out there for everyone. It may just take a little time for the individual to find and enroll in the right program. As it is, addiction treatment facilities like St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) recognize that the healing process is not linear. Some clients will thrive with less intrusive care regimens, while others will require more hands-on, scheduled rehabilitative practices to be implemented. Regardless of the approach, there is no right or wrong way to heal from addiction in rehab. The only consistent stipulation for recovery is that medical professionals and staff members alike encourage patients and potential clients to enroll in and stick with a rehab facility that works for them. In some rare cases, it is possible to pursue sobriety without official treatment methodologies implemented in the recovery process. Still, it is much safer to undergo detox, withdrawal, and reconstruction in a professional rehabilitation center than not. With that said, there are a few different types of rehabilitation centers potential clients will want to look into, including:

  • Public rehab facilities
  • Private rehabilitative centers
  • And luxury recovery networks

Each of these network recovery systems works to achieve the same overall goal; to help those suffering from addiction to find a way to heal and return home as prospering individuals again. Additionally, the services these networks will use to help clients achieve long-term sobriety are essentially the same rehabilitative process. The differences between each rehabilitation type lie in the additional services and amenities each location can provide. Public rehab facilities can provide their clients with traditional rehabilitative services; detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient services, cognitive behavioral counseling, individual therapy, and family interventions. These facilities typically have large patient-to-staff ratios, shared bedrooms, and fewer physical amenities, although, for many, the services can be pretty comfortable.

On the other hand, private rehab centers can allow residents to engage in alternative treatment options, added to the traditional rehabilitative practices public recovery facilities utilize. These rehab centers often have more comfortable physical amenities, with better patient-to-staff ratios and the opportunity to engage in more entertainment-based activities on campus compared to public treatment networks. Luxury rehabilitative services take comfortable treatment to the next level.

The Benefits of Luxury: What is Luxury Addiction Rehab?

Luxury rehab centers are top-of-the-line recovery networks. These types of facilities offer their clients the opportunity to enjoy some of the most extravagant recovery amenities, including various high-end, alternative addiction treatments, private rooms, excellent patient-to-staff ratios, and serene settings conducive to healing. For many individuals looking to start the addiction healing journey but are incredibly nervous about privacy and comfort factors in rehab, luxury facilities provide them with the opportunity to enter into a treatment regimen dedicated to supporting ultimate residential satisfaction.

Of course, luxury treatment may not be for everyone. But Fort Lauderdale luxury rehab centers do hold some of the best addiction recovery benefits in the country. Some of the most renowned benefits of Fort Lauderdale luxury rehabs include:

  • Beachfront or beautiful secluded recovery campus grounds
  • Private bedrooms
  • High-end cooks and chefs produce regular, nutrition-dense, tasty meals
  • One-on-one ratios with multiple rehab staff and medical team members
  • Regular access to various alternative and complementary recovery services
  • Comfortable beds
  • Luxury entertainment services on campus; like readily accessible pools or hot tubs

Many luxury rehab centers also provide clients with an added sense of privacy protection private and public treatment networks cannot. Additionally, although private and public recovery networks do their best to tailor-fit treatment practices to individual cases, luxury rehab centers are continuously capable of providing their residents with highly customizable recovery plans. These plans are regularly re-examined to ensure client satisfaction and success and can include holistic treatment modalities as well as traditional services.

Many luxury rehabs also offer clients the opportunity to engage with more private specialists. These specialists, therapists, and doctors considering their treatment are more well-adapted to tackle dual diagnosis cases and engage more fitness services to help clients heal in mind, spirit, and body. Medication assistance programs are also a standard characteristic of high-end addiction treatment, but who exactly are these Fort Lauderdale luxury rehab centers for? Anyone willing to apply and enroll with a luxury addiction treatment program is more than welcome to do so.

The only discrepancy with luxury rehabs in Fort Lauderdale, FL, other regions of the Sunshine State, and the nation is their price variation. Typically, public and private rehabilitation services can run an individual a few thousand dollars for an entire year’s worth of recovery programs–which many insurance policies will help pay for. But luxury rehabs, based on their location, amenities, medical team, staff members, and average clientele listing, can be anywhere from five grand to fifty grand a year. Anyone who wishes to enroll in a luxury addiction rehab program can do so, but they may need to take some extra time and perform additional research to find the right center to meet their budget. Insurance providers will only help to cover a portion of the cost of addiction treatment. Much of what luxury rehab services include is not considered essential for success in health care coverage’s eyes. Suppose an individual is willing to put in the work to find the exemplary luxury rehab service to meet their budget and needs. In that case, they can pursue long-term sobriety in such quality rehabilitative facilities.

Addiction Treatment at St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP)

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) is a drug and alcohol rehab center scattered across Central and Northern Florida. With the treatment network’s main campus in Crescent City, FL, and supplemental treatment centers working in Deland and Melbourne, Florida, SJRP services Sunshine State communities at large to support addiction recovery for thousands of individuals. As a company that pursues excellence in its quality treatments, SJRP provides its consumers with traditional and alternative recovery programs to make a holistic healing journey possible. Individuals who enroll with SJRP for drug and alcohol rehab can expect access to the following recovery services:

  • Medical detoxification
  • Inpatient and residential rehab programs
  • Outpatient rehabilitative services
  • Peer support group networks
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Medication assistance programs
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Mindfulness counseling
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Nutrition support

SJRP programs provide these services and opportunities to engage in music, art, animal-assisted, neuro-integration pathways to healing, and more. St. John’s Recovery Place is an innovative and resourceful addiction treatment center with over twenty insurance providers. Once a member of the SJRP family, always a member of the SJRP family. The medical team, staff members, and recovery peers alike work tirelessly to support their clients through every stage of the treatment process, applauding them for every success they achieve and helping them work through each setback they encounter.

Pursing recovery from addiction at St. John’s Recovery Place provides clients and potential residents with a plethora of healing benefits akin to luxury rehabilitative services. At SJRP, an individual’s treatment and privacy are taken care of with the utmost regard. Clients can pursue healing in comfort as they work to restore, reshape, and rethink their lives to work for them again, kicking an addiction to the curb on a treatment regimen that works best for their needs. If you or someone you love is wrestling with a substance use disorder or addiction, don’t wait another day to begin the recovery process. All you need to do to start is inquire into recovery, and you can start taking foundational steps towards lasting healing. Want to know more about St. John’s Recovery Place and its healing programs? You can call 1-833-397-3422 to learn more or visit us online. We look forward to helping you work through every recovery phase along the way.


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