A top Florida destination for spring vacations and year-round fun, Fort Lauderdale, FL, houses restaurants, hotels, luxury housing options, shopping outlets, and beaches galore. Located in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is home to many tourist destinations and attractions for relaxation. Still, it is also home to over 180,000 year-round residents. Still, despite all of its beautiful buildings, lovely beaches, and fun vacation attractions, and luxury resident accommodations, Fort Lauderdale, like other Floridian cities, suffers from excessive opioid use and abuse issues.

The entire State of Florida is viewed as a high drug-trafficking area, but some locations are worse off than others. Luckily, even though Fort Lauderdale is typically accustomed to entertaining members of more well-off communities, the citizens in this city still support drug and alcohol detox facilities and addiction rehab centers. Alcoholism and substance abuse are challenging diseases to have. They affect millions of individuals every year and costs the United States billions of dollars every year in medical, emergency, court, and police services. Fortunately, Sunshine State is a leader in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Citizens in Fort Lauderdale want to see you and your loved ones grow and heal, no matter what type of substance abuse you suffer from.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Sober-Safe Attractions

From baby blue waves rolling off the Atlantic to jet skies, segway tours, biking, walking trails, places to eat, airboats, and plenty of opportunities to gaze at pristine skyscrapers and hotel buildings, Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone to enjoy, even the individual who has undergone addiction treatment and is looking for a new lease on life. Granted, Fort Lauderdale may not be the perfect place for everyone to settle in after addiction rehab has been completed. What does not work for some people may be the ideal place to start over to encourage healing. Even though Fort Lauderdale is known for its partying nature, its bars, and casinos, there is so much more to this city.

Enough to support a thriving sober community. You just need to know what you are looking for. So, without further ado, here is a list of sober-friendly attractions for you or your loved ones to look into if you are planning to visit or settle in Fort Lauderdale, FL, after completing recovery treatment. These attractions include:

  • For the Individual Who Enjoys Animals and The Outdoors:
    • Flamingo Gardens
    • Butterfly World
    • Snorkeling
    • Scuba Diving
    • Lobstering Events
    • Music Events
    • Photography Spots
  • For the Individual Who Enjoys Learning:
    • Museum of Discovery and Science
    • Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District
    • The Downtown Mural Hollywood Project
    • Savor Cinema
    • BB&T Center
  • For The Individual Strapped for Cash:
    • Dania After Dark on Dania Beach
    • Watching Florida Panthers Practice Sessions
    • Las Olas Art Fair
    • Lauderdale-By-the-Sea Craft Fair
    • Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop
    • The Green Market
    • Fort Lauderdale Air Show

And so many more opportunities to get outside, get active, learn something new, or cultivate a new type of hobby. One of the most essential things for recent and long-term ex-addicts to do after completing treatment is to stay busy. Boredom breeds opportunities for the mind to wear away at itself.

Bored individuals tend to get into more trouble, feel more anxious, and fall back into negative habits like substance abuse more frequently than individuals who keep themselves occupied. As a result, it is vital for new recoveries and seasoned soldiers alike to keep their minds occupied. The concept of a new hobby may sound scary and expensive to begin with until you realize that a hobby can be as simple as bird watching, sewing, or even cooking. Living in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop new interests and build a robust support system around yourself as you continuously work towards growing and chasing sobriety.

The Basics of Alcohol/Drug Detox and Inpatient Recovery Programs

Addiction treatment is a complex yet straightforward matter. Even in Fort Lauderdale, detox facilities, inpatient rehabs, and outpatient programs all provide their client basis with a set of basic treatment principles and practices. These services are usually referred to as traditional treatment guidelines that every drug and alcohol rehab center across the country follows. Of course, not every drug and alcohol rehab and detox facility looks precisely alike. Some centers may offer more extensive services to another, allow for more extended treatment terms, or boast various types of treatment atmospheres.

In South Florida, traditional treatment services are provided to every rehab client who walks through the doors of a recovery center seeking healing. But, Florida rehab centers, even in Fort Lauderdale, also have a hidden card up their sleeve. Not many rehab facilities can provide clients with alternative and complementary services, especially those focused on outdoor exploration in colder States. But in Florida, alternative, complementary, and holistic treatment programs like those offered here at St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) are more commonplace. Of course, no alcohol detox program or drug addiction rehab service offers as many complementary treatments as SJRP.

Holistic healing is at the center of our treatment approach, and we tailor each program to the individual receiving care. We constantly adjust to you and your needs throughout your treatment program. When you become a resident at SJRP drug and alcohol rehab center, you become a part of our family. And as a member of our family, we will do all that we can to help support you, challenge you, and motivate you to heal in the most positive, beneficial manner possible. If you or a loved one struggles with a substance use disorder, and you want to pursue a path of healing, call us today at 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about our treatment programs and how we can work them to benefit you. You won’t regret taking this first step to start the healing process. Call us today.